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  • Best and Worst Way to Sell a Large Collection in PA Pennsylvania


    The Worst ways to sell anything of value is to anyone who is buying it, Their job is simple, to extract from you as much money as possible buying your stuff as cheaply possible. If you think about it the very existence of cash buyers creates a conflict of interest between you and them, It gives them every motivation to lie to you, use their knowledge to take advantage of you and rip you off. Pawn shops are even worst as they do not even have a specialty or interest in your collectible items in PA. They loan pennies on the dollar with every expectation they will be able to keep most of the property for themselves.

    Vendors who claim they will come with cash typically pay .20 to .25 on the dollar and even the most generous will not approach giving you even half of what your stuff is worth. If they say cash on the spot thats a red flag. While most of us would like to keep all the money for some of us selling the items ourselves just isn’t a feasible solution.

    The best way to sell your collectibles is through our company which works only on the most exclusive and largest collections and maintains concierge service through a 1 client at a time model. We can accomplish in weeks what takes most months and can guarantee no cash on the spot outfit can provide a better fiduciary return then us, We are affiliated with New Jersey’s largest collectible liquidation service for more information email us at info@collectiblesPA.com or visit or flagship site at https://collectiblesnj.com. We are happy to travel to your area or refer you to on of our franchise partners who offer the same superior service if you need to sell a collection in PA. Contact us today!


    A while back we were called to a large autograph appraisal in New Jersey. We met a gentlemen who was a “dealer” and he was looking to liquidate his whole stock. The autographs were supposed to be from the following shows and movies.

    Breaking Bad

    The Walking Dead

    Sons of Anarchy

    Dr NO



    also Kesha, Michelle Rodriguez and some others. They each came with COA’s from a company I had never heard of call TRY-CW. They claim to be a TTM autograph company submitting thousands of requests for these graphs. They have singles doubles and cast signed. They sell wholesale hundreds of autographs at a time. Yeah, I am sure they just have thousands of these…. You can buy them by the thousand! This should be red flag numero uno.

    The signatures looked wrong so I investigated further it turns out that this company is a scam, they sell to e-bay sellers who think they are getting the real deal when its really only scribble. The worst part is the gentleman who I was dealing with was genuinely ignorant of the scam having been bragging about how many he has sold and how well they do over the course of the month. For more information see the thread I started over at autograph magazine live as the members there have even more information.

    The tried and true wisdom if its too good to be true it probably is, still proves true today. Please share this article so it can trend on google and we can stop these criminals and cancers to our hobby at the source. If anyone else has information please contact us and we will be happy to publish across all of our sites.