Sell collectibles in PA

Sell Collectibles in PA

Do you want to sell collectibles in PA? We want to help you sell them! Whether you want to sell your collection to us or use our consignment services, send us an email. We do our best to respond to emails within 24 hours. In order to help us do that, please send a txt file with a list of all the items you would like us to appraise. We buy in bulk and while we are more interested in larger lots, we will still travel to take a look at small lots. We also have experience with estate sales and clean-outs. There are two ways you can sell collectibles in PA: Outright or by consignment.

Selling Outright

If you are trying to sell outright and get cash in advance, we offer more than anyone else. Typically, this means 50-70% of current market resale prices. That beats the Pawn value!

There are a couple of reasons you might want to do this. First of all, if you need money immediately, this is the way to go. Selling outright means cash in your hand now, instead of sometime in the future when the right buyer finally comes along! It also means no consignment fees for us to sell it for you. Another reason you may want to consider selling outright is the fact that the market fluctuates. Think of collectibles like you would the Stock Market. Sometimes the prices are up. Sometimes the prices are down. And sometimes a business goes bankrupt and takes stock value with it. Selling outright guarantees that if your collection loses value, you still get your money. We take the risk and you get paid up front. Remember Beanie Babies in the 1990s?

Selling by Consignment

Trying to sell collectibles is PA by consignment is pretty straightforward. You’re simply paying us a portion of the final sell price to use our vast network of professionals to try to get you the most money for your collectibles. We consign using online and offline sources. Many times, you can get 100-200% more for your items. More money is good. The downside is that this takes longer than just writing you a check or paying you cash. If the market is flooded with items like yours or buyers are scarce, it can take a lot longer.

Here are some items that, depending on the current market, we love to look at:

  • Action Figures (in box only)

  • Comics (pre 1989)

  • Sports Cards (Pre 1980 or post 2002)

  • Autographs (certified or raw)

  • Records

  • Instruments

  • Snap-on Tools

  • Dolls

  • Video Games and accessories

  • Militaria

  • Toys

  • Movie Memorabilia

  • Random Collectibles

Contact us at or at 848-260 0404