Sell Antiques in PA

Sell Antiques in PA
Most people sell antiques at a local flea market or antique dealer or a garage sale. Some will go online and try to sell them on ebay or craigslist. Sometimes these things work, but many times they can be a big mistake and a headache.
Local Dealers
Local dealers have a limited number of customers. For them it means that it will take time to find the right buyer for your stuff. That translates into them paying you a pittance for your valuables. If you consign it to them, it means that it will take months or longer to sell your stuff. Meanwhile, you are paying a fee.

Garage Sale
Trying to sell antiques in PA at a garage sale is guaranteed to get you the lowest amount of money for your stuff. You’re solving the problem of how long it takes to sell antiques at via your local dealer by deciding to sell your stuff for even less. If you just want to get rid of it ASAP, this might be a good choice. But if your antiques are worth a lot, you’re throwing away money. What’s more, you’re still not getting very many interested buyers to look at your items. At the end of the day, you might still own everything.

The Internet
Auction and selling sites get more people to potentially look at your antiques. If you are willing to navigate the labyrinth of more experienced dealers, pay to promote your stuff, and then take the time to answer calls and emails, not to mention weeding out creepy craigslist people. Even though you are getting more potential customers, you are not getting high paying customers.

The Other Option: Us.
We also want to get you top dollar for your stuff. If you want to sell antiques in PA- NO FURNITURE PLEASE!—there’s no better place to go. You don’t have to take rock bottom prices, wait for months, or waste your time playing 20 questions with potential customers. We will appraise your valuables, offer you higher than average prices and send you money. If you want to consign your antiques to us, we can sell them faster than the local guy. We have a vast professional network of antique customers and dealers.

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