[Article 37]Sell Arranbee Dolls in PA

Sell Arranbee Dolls in PA
Arranbee dolls are some of the best known dolls in America, and the Arranbee Doll Company is one of the oldest doll manufacturers in the country. The first dolls made by Arranbee were made out of bisque, and they also made dolls out of composition, hard plastic, rubber, and then vinyl. Early Arranbee dolls often share faces with Ideal dolls because they bought molds from the Ideal Co., as did many other doll companies at the time. Therefore many of Arranbee’s earliest dolls are also unmarked. If you have an early unmarked Arranbee doll, you need to have it identified and appraised by an expert, because it could be worth a lot of money, or it might be a lower value knockoff. The only way to know is to have it evaluated by a vintage doll expert.
Some of the most famous early dolls from the Arranbee Doll Co are Nanette and Nancy Lee. After Arranbee became a famous household name, they began selling their doll molds to other companies, so there are many other vintage dolls on the market that have the same faces as famous Arranbee dolls but were not made by Arranbee. Arranbee dolls were made until 1961, a few years after the brand was bought by Vogue in 1958.
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