[Article 30]Sell Bisque Dolls in PA


Sell Bisque Dolls in PA

Bisque dolls from French and German manufacturers are in high demand among vintage and antique doll collectors, and it is not hard to understand why! These rare and delicate dolls have beautiful features that were designed and painted by the French and German Masters, and that quality has never been replicated since. These genuine bisque dolls were made between 1860 and the 1900s before World War II, and some of the rare models can be worth thousands of dollars. Also, bisque dolls are very fragile, which means that they are rare as many of them broke throughout the years. Some of the makers that we are always looking for include:

  • Jumeau
  • Armand Marseille
  • Fulmer
  • Otto Reincke Reinke
  • Kammer Reinhardt
  • Simon and Halbig
  • Kestner JDK

When you get ready to sell bisque dolls in PA, you should be careful to go through a dealer who knows the value of your collection and will be honest with you. At Collectibles PA, we have the expertise and experience with bisque dolls to be able to determine their value, and we also price them online through a transparent appraisal method so you can be certain of what your collection is really worth. We will travel to you to appraise your bisque dolls in the Pennsylvania area. We offer the best prices around, at rates of 50%-70% market value for purchasing dolls outright, and even higher rates for consignment.
To contact us, just email us, call us, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. An itemized list of your collection and photos will help us know what you have to make an offer. We can travel to you to do an appraisal, and we will help you understand the options that will fit your needs best, whether you want to sell outright or use our consignment services. You can expect to hear back from us within about 12 hours.