[Article 49]Sell Goebel Hummels in PA

Sell Goebel Hummels in PA


If you are looking to sell Goebel Hummels in PA, you have come to the right place at Collectibles PA! We are highly experienced in dealing with these valuable and beautiful collectible figurines, and we provide appraisal, sales, and consignment services in PA and the surrounding area.

Goebel Hummel is a manufacturer of collectible figurines. These small statues are highly collectible and somewhat valuable, and it is important to be able to tell if a figurine is a genuine Goebel Hummel or an imitation. They all have a distinctive marking on the bottom, and an expert dealer in Goebel Hummels can also help to confirm that your figurine is genuine as well as to give you a fair appraisal price. While hummel prices are at an all time low certain rare pieces and variants do exist that go for hundreds of dollars

If you want to sell Goebel Hummels in PA, there are several different ways you can do it. You can go onto Ebay, where many people sell their collections of items. This is a good way to sell, but there is risk involved – it may take a very long time to sell your items, or you may end up selling the for much less than you wanted to. You can go to a local dealer, but this too is tricky. A dishonest dealer will try to tell you your pieces are worth much less than they actually are, and offer you bottom dollar. Even an honest dealer will likely only offer 30% of the market value, since this is the industry standard. At Collectibles NY, we offer 50%-70% of the market value to buy your items outright, and you can get even more money than that if you decide to use our consignment services.