[Article 45]Sell Lenox Figurines in PA

Sell Lenox Figurines in PA
Lenox is a highly collectible, highly valuable brand of figurines, tableware, glassware, and many other items. Lenox dishes and crystal drinking ware is always in high demand, and their collectible figurines are both beautiful and valuable. The figurines come in many themes, including Disney characters, movie characters, cartoon characters and holidays. One of the easiest ways to identify Lenox is by the 22 karat gold details that are a trademark feature of their figurines.
Before Ebay, the market for Lenox items was higher than it is now, but your Lenox collection can still fetch a good price. You want to take your collection to a reputable dealer such as Collectibles PA, though, if you want to sell Lenox figurines in PA. Antique shops and flea markets will often lowball you and offer you much less than what your figurines are worth. Industry standard is that they pay you 30% of what they will resell it for. We, on the other hand, pay you 40%-50% of what we hope to resell them for.

Our appraisal process is completely transparent so you will leave knowing exactly what your items are worth. If you can wait a little bit longer to sell Lenox figurines in PA, you can take advantage of our consignment services instead of selling them to us outright. For a low fee we will find you a top-price buyer. Our extensive nationwide network of buyers lets us turn over our collectible items extremely quickly and at fair market prices, so you can be sure of getting the cash you want out of your Lenox figurines. Contact us today to set up an appraisal!