[Article 41]Sell Madame Alexander Dolls in PA

Sell Madame Alexander Dolls in PA

Madame Alexander dolls are in high demand worldwide for collectors of both vintage and modern dolls, and the Madame Alexander brand has long been synonymous with beauty and quality. The Madame Alexander doll company started in 1919 and has spent almost a century producing some of the most popular dolls in the world. These dolls were made to be played with and have been loved for generations, and are high enough quality that many people have been able to pass the dolls down from mother to daughter for years. For collectors of Madame Alexander dolls, the dolls hold their value and only increase over time, so a vintage Madame Alexander doll in good condition can be worth quite a lot of money. Some of the most famous dolls are Cissy, Maggie, Elise, Wendy and Margaret, and the dolls that were produced between 1919 and the 1950s are worth the most money on the market. Later dolls are not worth quite as much, but they can still fetch a good price.

For being a great investment and a valuable item to collect, Madame Alexander dolls can be complicated to sell. These dolls have many different outfits, and there have been many different variations on the classic faces over the years. Dealers who are not absolute experts in Madame Alexander dolls can price them wrong and end up offering you far less than what they are worth.Worse, some dealers will try to convince you that your dolls are not worth very much when they know that they are very rare and valuable.


Do not trust just anyone with valuing and appraising your dolls, when you decide to sell Madame Alexander dolls in PA.
At Collectibles PA, our appraisal process is completely transparent. We will price the dolls online to get a base price, and then look at the condition of your doll to determine its value. You can see every step of this process so you know exactly what the market price of your doll is. We then offer 50%-70% of the market price to buy the dolls outright, which is much higher than the industry standard of 30%. You can get even higher prices if you do consignment with us. Contact us for more details about how to sell Madame Alexander dolls in PA and we will get back to you usually within 12 hours.