Sell Vintage toys in Pa Pennsylvania



IF you have a large toy collection in PA of the vintage variety and need to sell Vintage toys in PA do not be fooled by the variety of CASH ON THE SPOT buyers in your area. As with most things of value better money can be found in NY/NJ instead of letting locals rip you off with pressure filled aggressive maneuvers designed to bilk the value out of your collection. Vintage toys are some of the most valuable and sought after collectibles whether in or our of box and if you have a large quantity of them then like any other asset they need to be protected. We travel to view collections free of charge and will NEVER make you a cash offer or try to put you in an on the spot predicament.

Our company is an expansion of New Jersey’s largest liquidation firm. Responsible for the liquidated sale of over $5,000,000 in collectible items we only deal with the best of the best and when you have the best of the best you need the best of the best. Please feel free to visit and review Collectibles PA & NJ to see how not only can we beat any vendor but how we get all of the largest collections in the tri-state and beyond. We can show you how selling your stuff on the quick just isn’t worth. That is why we do not currently purchase items as we cannot serve the best interests of our clients while doing so. Simply put its an obvious conflict of interest and our business is based on trust. Feel free to email us at or contact us through the form on this page. We are also available by phone at the number listed in the top right corner of the page. If you need to sell vintage toys in PA you need to consult with Collectibles PA Your PA collectibles specialists!

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